Hello beautiful people,

Just before quickly accuse anyone how selfish he or she is, allow me to share a perspective with you; ALL HUMANS ARE SELFISH, including YOU…and I.

Why do you do all that you do?

After reading the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie for the third time(you can send me a message for a free PDF copy), I took a pause to examine the reason behind everything we do.

Just calm down for a minute and check what you are doing now. You’re reading my article yh, so why are you doing it? Because of me??? Certainly not. You are reading this article not because of me but because of YOU. And as selfish as this may sound, and as much as I want to use my skills and talents to effect the world around me positively, I also wrote this article because of me; reason being that I WANT TO. And I could have wanted something else.
Okay, let’s check other things which you do.

You beat or scold your child for misbehaving and you say it’s for the child’s good right? Think about it clearly, it’s because of YOU. YOU have standards and ideas and ways which YOU want him/her to behave and because the child didn’t meet upto that, he/she gets the scolding. If that’s not a selfish reason enough, then it could just be merely because YOU want him/her to behave better. But at the end of it all, it’s about what YOU want or do not want. Still about you.

How about giving to charity or lending a hand to the needy? A selfless cause right? I thought so too. Not to make you feel bad though, but you have given that money to the needy because the Bible says givers never lack and YOU don’t want to lack. Or because YOU want to feel good. Or because YOU want to be seen helping out. Or because YOU have so much loose change and want to give some away. And Yes, that includes the gofundme account you put money in for the strange person with cancer. If a loved one needed as much money with about the same level of urgency or less, your money will probably go into that instead.

Although I may not cover all your ‘disguise of selfishness’, which I know I wouldn’t be able to, what I know is; It’s still about you and what you want or do not want.
You gave your padi padi a ‘selfless harmless’ advice abi? It’s still because YOU want to.

You have a presentation to work on, the boys came to your house and ‘dragged’ you out to go get a drink…or six. Peer pressure you say, right? My friend, *roll my eyes* YOU went because of what YOU want. If you wanted something else more, you wouldn’t go. You probably went because you enjoy the company of your friends or because of the ambience or because you love cold beer that much or because the AC at the venue will cool you down or you want your friends to see you as being social or you want a favour from a friend or maybe so many girls go to that particular spot and YOU enjoy that more than working on your presentation. But…It’s still about you.

For everything we do, whether we are conscious of it or not, we do so because we want something. It’s a YOU first world!

Even the bible says; Love your neighbour as yourself. Paraphrased; ‘Love yourself first then love your neighbour’.

The Bible also says; Do onto others what you’ll have them do onto you. If paraphrased properly, it means ‘’if YOU don’t want something done to you, don’t do to others’’. Still about YOU.

Should I continue?…actually enough examples. You can think of all the possible scenario *tongue out*

Every choice you’ve made till this very moment, over another, is simply because you want to. For your personal reasons, YOU prefer ‘this’ over ‘that’.

Even if a thief put a gun on your head and demanded for your wallet, though he may walk away with your money, take solace in this; you exercised your biggest liberty; YOU chose to give him. YOU could have chosen otherwise. You did what you did because you want or don’t want something. I guess in this case, YOU don’t want to get shot or injured or killed. Still about you.

Have you ever thought maybe that’s not the real gist when you do something for someone because you think they need it or even because they told you they need it? And then you say I did it just to help the person? Have you ever been approached by a beggar who cried so badly for you to spare some change so he could feed his entire family with that #20? And with so much compassion, you give the change only for the beggar to turn around and go buy Cigarette with your money? You did it because he needs it abi. You might just be wrong. You did it not because of the beggar but because of YOU…and your reasons.

You don’t know for certain what anyone wants(even if the person tells you with his mouth), ONLY the person really does. You can only guess or think you do, and you might be right but you can’t be certain.

What a selfish bunch we all are???

That’s not a problem though, we are all wired that way.

So next time, before you go about saying and asking “why is he so selfish?” “I don’t like selfish people” “She is just a selfish person”, take a wee pause and ask; “why exactly am I saying/asking so?” It is because YOU want something or YOU don’t want something. Simples

We all are guilty of it, and it’s the way our world runs.


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