Top 7 Lessons From 2020

What a year it was.

It has indeed been an extra ordinary year, 2020. From the death of Kobe Bryant in January, to the year long pandemic that claimed about 2 million lives worldwide; to the black lives matter movement; to the end SARS movement in Nigeria; to the lockdowns; to government shutdowns. The rich got much richer, and even though the year produced much more millionaires than previous year, the poor also got poorer.

As a businessman, I also did have my challenges adapting to the new world which we all seem to be getting used to. However, I learnt some very incredible lessons.

These are some of the lessons I learnt in 2020;

Life Spares Nobody

As much as we try to avoid the most obvious, 2020 reinforced that message so strongly to me that none of us will be here forever. I had friends and family members who lost at least one person close to them to the fight of COVID-19, without even getting the chance to say goodbye. I realized how easily caught up we could be in dealing with our own respective lives and forget to reach out to people we love and care about. It done on me that I need to do better. We all need to do better.

  • Change Is Inevitable

Whether we like it or not, change will forever occur. And whether we are prepared for it or not, when the time for change comes, you will either adapt or get left behind. No other year in human history has forced human being as a race to evolve and begin to do things differently. 2020 changed my way of life. It changed all of ours. I had to get used to working from home and social distancing when outside of my home, just like billions of others across the globe. And when the government shutdown and economy on lockdown? It made me appreciate the gift of freedom, and not to take it for granted.

  • Difficult times reveal the real faces of people

There is a popular notion that you do not know what you can do or be, until you are tested. 2020 was that test for a whole lot of us. I saw many people suffer a great dent in their finances. Some folded and gave up but what stood out to me the most is how quickly the character of people change when the going is not as good. People engaging in things they did not think they would, all because they had to make a living in the especially difficult time.

  • Your Knowledge Is an Asset

Thankfully enough, as the pandemic continued, more people are forced to spend more time indoors. And as a result, this provided me an opportunity to trade my knowledge online for some monetary return. It is particularly important that you find your voice. You already know enough to get started and I will encourage you not to let another hour pass before you begin that which you already know you should.

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  • It is okay to slow down

A lot happened in 2020. So much that you will easily miss out on the real essence of life if you never took one of those chill pills. We can choose to power through our day, try to meet all expectations and deadlines but forget that our utmost productivity is also dependent on the amount of rest we allow for ourselves. I worked smarter in 2020, freed up time to rest and be with my family and I achieved more.

  • No care like self-care

I can only provide the best of service and be of best use to my family and the entire world at large, if and only after I have taken care of myself. When I am burned out, I figured I am not of best use.

  • Gratitude should be a life-long practice

Count your blessings, for they are very many. Be grateful and content with what you have, for some have it way worse. Thank your creator, for he has given you another chance.

Much more could probably have been said about this very eventful year 2020, but these were my most prominent lessons.

If you enjoyed this little piece, kindly let me know by visiting and feel free to share in the comments what your lessons of the year were.

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