Have you got any inspirational story? please feel free to share


Though this is meant to be a share your story section but I would like to commend the work the host has started. I personally love to read books and with the book review on this site it means I can read more books within a shorter period of time. I have also listened to 2 of your podcast episodes and I must say I was touched, the things you have shared are spot on. Thumbs up Mr Ifeoluwa 


I read ur article on d Nigerian Youth and u are so right about d entitlement mindset u mentioned. I am also guilty of that. but seeing a young man like u spread that message of hope amidst this recession, it kind of gave me a spark to really take responsibility for my life. I work in a bank in lagos and most times when discussing with my colleagues we just talk abt how badly d SAI Baba government has been, forgetting that we have our own part to play. I am not there yet but I am closer. Thank you Ife, keep the good work going