Stop Thinking “Can I?” And Start Thinking “How Can I?”

I remember on 30th May last year I made a certain decision; to start recording podcasts and put my voice on ITunes, SoundCloud etc. As at that time I didn’t know Jack about it other than “if someone has done it before, I can also do it too” …Boom … not long after I started to research about it.
Sh*t I need domain name, I need hosting platform, I’ll need social media buzz, I’ll need plenty orishirishi and more importantly I’ll need to go to the studio gan gan to record. Studio ke??? They said for good quality. Ok oo.

At this point I got slightly overwhelmed, I thought omo Ife can you really do this? But I decided to dive straight into it…fast forward one year, I have my platform set up, done public speaking training with Niyi Adesanya, I’ve recorded 5 podcast episodes, done 4 videos, written quite a few articles, working on publishing my own books and many more… Many more that originated from just wanting to record podcast.

I figured out how most of these things are done along the way.

So to the moral of my story;

Whatever you have in your mind, look away from whether you can do it or not and focus on how you can do it. You’ll surprise yourself the amount of capacity you got inside of you.

Although the one year podcast story I just told now, I no too too reach my target like that o but I now know some key areas I need to work on. I’ve learned some key skills along the way. And more importantly to a large extent I kinda designed my last one year and it felt awesomely good. I lived the year deliberately. All thanks to Almighty God for his grace.

My advice to everyone is this(especially the youth); BE A PRODUCT OF DELIBERATE LIVING.

If you try something and it doesn’t work out as you thought, don’t take it as you’ve failed. Take it as you are now more informed about it than before you started and now you know one thing or the other to do or not to do next time.

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