Have you tried to embark on a project and ‘failed?’ Or are you feeling broken because you started out on an exciting plan only to get stuck, not knowing what’s next to do? Are you physically drained and emotionally zapped out and you wish you knew it all before starting out all all?


Let me tell you something; it’s ok not to know it all.

Knowing all the exact bends, potholes, bridges, weather and traffic lights on your journey will only ruin the fun.

Ofcourse it is essential to have an idea of what your journey will look like and plan towards it, but, you shouldn’t crave to know it all.

And in reality, you just can’t know it all.

So just get right to it!


If you are waiting to have it all figured out before you begin, you risk missing out on the joy of starting out; on the excitement and extra drive you put when you stay up late trying to ensure your plans work out. When you plan to have it all figured out before you start, you are only trying to take the easy way.

And trust me, my friend, on this journey of success and self mastery, there is no easy way.

You’re going to grind and make tweaks and make adjustments to get to where you want to get to.


You can never be fully ready, you can only be ready when you decide you are ready.

And that, my friend, can be now!


No one promised that the road will be all rosy, you are definitely going to fail at something, at some point but that’s when you’ll need more willpower and guts. You should be willing to go all out for that which you truly want. When you fail, you’ll have an opportunity to start again and do it even better. It is only a matter of time before you get it all right.

Be bold enough to demand from the world that which you truly want.

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