The Nigerian Youth

Some say ‘Ife you no get job? Wetin concern you and blogging or podcast?’, some say ‘mr motivator we don see you’ but finally THE NAIJA YOUTH WITH IFEOLUWA MICHAEL is here!

This idea was birthed in the early months of this year mainly to play my part towards keeping the youths of this great nation inspired and motivated. As we all know, we must not stop dreaming. Inspirations and motivations can be gotten from anywhere and everywhere and this is another medium for us to keep ourselves fired up, to look forward to a better tomorrow and consequently a better Nigeria.

To me, there is no better time to push this out there. Firstly, just some days ago I had a fatal auto crash that nearly claimed my life but as God will have it, I was miraculously saved. Though my car was wrecked, God saved my life. At this point it hit me even harder ‘’oh shit, is that how things really happen? Is that how I’ll carry all of these burning desires and leave with them? Is that really how definite time is?’’ It hit me so hard how time is of great essence, how I can’t afford to wait any longer till I get it right. And at this point I decided I won’t stop until I get this project out there. On a second note, Nigeria is in recession and the rate of unemployment in the country is really high.

As days go past, increasing number of youths seek a means to escape the country, they ask questions about which country they can travel to, questions about how they can relocate to SA, Dubai, USA, Canada, UK, Australia or basically any country outside Nigeria. If we all escape the country, who go remain? Another percentage who aren’t exactly looking to escape are very active at blaming the government and their immediate environment for all the mishaps around them, we also have another percentage of people who are very content with the situation of things, they believe since they can’t change things they are happy with where they are. Asides all these groups we also have those ones that believe in a better tomorrow, they believe things might be bad around them but things don’t have to be bad for them. They actively seek means to do better and get better, they stay optimistic, they take actions towards the change which they crave and want. These folks make plans and find ways to actualize their plans; they set goals and work towards their goals. I looked at all these and said ‘yes, definitely, this is the time’.

Candidly, the government should come to the rescue of our unemployed youths, including ‘unskilled’ men and women, we casted our votes to put them in respective offices to make good policies and protect the interest of its citizens including our welfare. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the case.

Firstly, the number of jobs available is very little and secondly, to get a job it is believed you have to be highly connected. What then do we do? Our youths need to wake up, be responsible for their actions and ready to take the future into their own hands. We have to eradicate this mentality of entitlement, either from the government or the society, slowly but surely.

I am of the notion that the difference between the wise and the foolish is information and how it’s being used, also, the difference between the rich and the poor is also information and how it’s being used. For these reasons I will be using this platform to share different forms of information that can help us get better and dream bigger.

I would be sharing information regarding personal development, interviewing businessmen and women across the country to share insights about how they got started and advice to people just starting out. I will also be reviewing books that could help us grow and increase our daily productivity.

Please feel free to like, comment and share. Also feel very free to criticize and suggest ways to get this platform better.

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