I spoke to a friend yesterday about money and he said to me “baba ijebu and bet9ja are the surest means of making money now on the street of Lagos.” At first I laughed about this because it was funny but afterwards, I engaged a few other guys on the topic of gambling and surprisingly majority of them believe that to bet on sports and play baba ijebu is still more of a prospect than any other option I could suggest.

This led me to do a little research; Most betting companies including lotto and casino run on percentages. Of every 100% staked, the house takes atleast 25%-35%…and ultimately the house wins. Of which I believe lotto works on a slightly bigger profit margin.

Not sure about Nigeria, but in the UK over £70Billion is being gambled annually. And that’s staggering. It means many people have so much loose £1,£10, £20 etc to bet to amount to this figure. This I can easily relate to Nigeria’s case.

Amongst Richest people in the world, only 2 UK billionaires are among top 100, 3 among top 300 and just 5 are among top 300 (some of them not even born in Britain). And that’s the mighty United Kingdom. (My interpretation of this particular statistics I’ll leave for another post lol). Yet, a staggering £70billion goes to gambling.
Bet365 founder, Denise Coates is the richest woman in the UK and 522nd richest person in the world.

So to my main point;

Because sports betting and lotto is gradually becoming an epidemic amongst our youths in Nigeria, it only suggests to me that more and more people are looking to get rich quick or make money the easy way, without necessarily earning it.

I remember sometime ago on a roulette machine I lost £400 in less than 5 mins. The thing pain me gannn and I vowed never to return. (Thanks to Bash and Seun for bailing me out.)

Gambling is addictive, gambling has ruined more lives than helped, gambling has amounted to more lose than win.
Please guys, addiction to baba ijebu, bet9ja, nairabet and co. will not solve your problem. You’ll only lose more money that would have gone to somewhere else than gain.

E fit dey sweet now o but house always always wins.

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