You have something to offer that nobody else has and fortunately enough, very very fortunately, we live in a world where we are paid by what we offer.

Some weeks ago I read a post on IG by SteveHarris (whom I respect a lot) where he made reference to a whole lot of people teaching stuffs and offering classes and tutoring or even calling themselves expert in different fields, especially in public speaking, personal and business development. He asked, what sacrifice have you made to feel you are confident to be in such position? He mentioned people like Jimi Tewe who left his “high” paying job to be in the teaching/consultancy/speaking industry. He mentioned Paul Foh who had to relocate to Lagos and stay in small apartment before he then became who he is today…at that point I felt the urge to say something; to share my own contrary point of view.
One thing is sure, because your sacrifice isn’t leaving a highly paid job or relocating to a smaller apartment doesn’t mean you haven’t sacrificed anything. Only you best know what you’re giving up to be and do that which you have chosen. In fact, to be doing that which you have chosen to do is a sacrifice on its own. You could have been doing something else.

So, to cut the story a wee short, I’d like to share my belief.

I believe we are all original and unique in our own ways. And if you have enough guts to teach anything then you’re good enough. Let no one tell you you can’t, simply because you seem not to have sacrificed much or haven’t served under someone.
You are the only version of you and whatever you choose to make of it is your responsibility not theirs. At worse, you’ll need more skills to be accepted into a set procedure or group or association. Or worst still, what you are trying to sell may not be acceptable by a lot of people whom you ought to sell to. In that case, fine tune it. Learn more and get better…with more practice.
Another thing is sure, however, if you can think it, be sure that atleast one person needs it, atleast another person wants it and atleast another person genuinely likes it.

The main goal is to serve people with our value creation and get paid in return for doing so. And if you are creating value of any sort, my brother and sister, please please please, CARRY GO!

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