FREEDOM – Life From The Heart

Most of us function very well in the world we live in. Yet if you really talk to people, everyone is walking around with knots of feeling about events that have happened in their life. Although we are happy and successful, one has to wonder what we could do if we healed those knots. How are they stopping us from having a life that could bring us even more pleasure and abundance?

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Freedom comes from releasing fear-based feelings and finally accepting the many gifts coming from love. The goal is to love more and fear less. All feelings – hope, gratitude, compassion, enthusiasm, contentment, serenity — and — frustration, confusion, doubt, guilt, pessimism come from either love or fear. Truly releasing the fear-based ones makes way to receive more of the blessings coming from love.

To live from the heart means to live with consciousness and feelings. If you feel like a million bucks, …then, act like a million bucks. Know how you feel, recognize it and decide if it serves you. Whether you are conscious of it or not, it is a known fact, that, all actions ever taken came from the abundance of the heart. My main point is for you to live more from the conscious; to feel what you are feeling.

Living from the heart is recognizing how you feel and see if it benefits you. Living from the heart is awareness. If you answer ‘I’m fine’ or ‘we thank God’ when asked the question ‘how are you?’, and you know you are not fine nor even thanking God, you might have just deprived yourself an opportunity for help, compassion and love. Living from the heart means living with all your feelings, accepting all your feelings. Including the painful ones. Many of us choose to accept only the happy ones and deny those feelings that are not as good. We would rather choose to ignore them than face them. We simply don’t know how to handle them, how to express them or how to heal the pain.

Why do I feel this way? Why am I responding to issues this way? Why am I so mad at this kind of issues…how often do you ask yourself these questions?

Open up to part of yourself that you have never explored. As you go through this process of personal honesty, you will become a different person. On that journey you will find many gifts. These gifts will enrich your life and you deserve to give these gifts to yourself. Blessings!

Be aware

Allow yourself to feel

Accept the feelings

Heal and Love

Don’t be scared to grow

Choose to change the old patterns

2 thoughts on “FREEDOM – Life From The Heart”

  1. Thank you for this piece. I think people in general are just scared to face the facts.

  2. Tnx for sharing bro. Keep spreading the +vty

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