Guys, do you know the guy named Woli Arole? Yeah, that comedian that has a pretty wide mouth/smile. Anyway, yesterday was his birthday and when I saw the amount of co-celebs that wished him happy birthday, I couldn’t help but say “now now”? Not that I wish him any less than he rightfully deserved but yesterday was another confirmation of some of my beliefs. Especially my belief regarding the era that we are in; THE CHOOSE YOURSELF era. When I saw big pastors and artists both locally and internationally wishing this wonderful piece of God’s art HBD, I thought hmmmm so this guy sef na celebrity now, Chai. How many of us didn’t rate him that much as at very early last year?? Don’t lie oo…but guess what, Oju Lo Pe Si (it’s only a matter of time).
Remember FalzTheBadtGuy??? You know say na so the guy sef just blow and never seize to storm us with his creativity since then.

Its consistency in value creation buddy!!!

We need to understand the time we are in now. Its the time where tailor earns pass most bankers, shoe maker dey earn pass some guys for oil industry, make up/ gele tying artist dey earn pass plenty professionals, even some barber that hails you boss boss sef dey make money pass plenty people he dey hail , gym instructor, cook, chef, public speakers… Ah don’t even go there lol. I can go on and on…the key is Packaging and Strategic Positioning.

We are in the CHOOSE YOURSELF ERA, please don’t dull.

There’s this book written by James Altucher – Choose Yourself…you might wna get it or register on audible to get a free book or blinkist to get 3 days trial for book summary.

God bless #muah