1. How you perceive the situation determines your reaction and attitude
2. Patience and Perseverance has a HUGE gain
3. If you can’t see it, you can’t be it

Has God placed something in your mind and you’re thinking this is too big for me to execute? Or you have simply let people convince you that your dream isn’t worth pursuing and will never come to pass…or…maybe you’re one of those people that just say to themselves ”I’m fine here jare, why should I BOTHER trying to get to next level, next level wey no even sure. Make I kuku dey here dey enjoy where I am.”

Please allow me to share with you a thing or two***

Remember that story in the Bible? That one of Promise Land? Yeah, that one. Through Moses, God promised the people of Israel ‘THE LAND,’ whose original occupants are giants with strong forces.

Now, to my real story. Moses sent 12 guys to go spy on that land and guess what; only Caleb and Joshua came back with a good report. They went up to the land, saw that which God has promised them and came back to Moses, saying; Baba see ”we are well able to take the land.” The other 10 guys got back and were like; Nahhh bruv, we ain’t going there. ”There are giants in the land; the opposition is too formidable; The obstacles to overcome are too large.” E better make I just chill dey collect this my 100k, rather than go spend time and resources developing one stupid App, App wey people fit no use sef….hmmm ok oo. They were willing to settle for exactly where they were. They didn’t want to risk taking a leap, trusting God that if He can put in your mind, not only can you achieve it, but also that all you need to achieve it is already in you. Start and they shall unfold.

So, back to Caleb and Joshua. Fast forward 40 years. Caleb went to the top of the mountain and said to God; ”God, give me this mountain”…not that tiny hill o, not that small job, not that mediocre position…but…that one gan gan You promised. And of course it came to pass.
The other 10 guys? and a bunch of other people who couldn’t see beyond where they were? Yep. They simply didn’t get to the promise land. They simply didn’t go past where they were.

NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK YOU’VE ACHIEVED, YOUR BEST, ALWAYS, IS YET TO BE DONE…though it may tarry, wait for it, it will surely come to pass!!!

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