Awaken the dying dream

Start, take one step after the other and don’t stop till it’s accomplished.
Just like everyone else, on more than one occasion you and I have had this wonderful dream; a dream to travel across the world and visit interesting places, to wine and dine with prince and princess, to be a worldwide-known celebrity and spend your time as you please; a dream to one day write a book, publish it and sell it to millions of people across the globe or perhaps to be that celebrity chef.

Your dream might even be to be the richest man in the world. Too bogus? Why not? Ever heard of the popular quote ‘if you can think it, you can be it’? Trust me, it’s no lie. Everything you want to be all starts from the mind, your deliberate actions towards it, your level of discipline, how much dedication you have and your resilience, amongst other things.

Often times than not though, most people whose dream is to become the richest in the world have the origin of their dream from a rather selfish perspective. When I say most, I mean over 95%. The richest men and women in the world certainly didn’t start with a dream of being the richest, they set out to serve. To put themselves and all of what they have to offer out there and reach as many people as possible.

History has proven over and over again that it handsomely rewards service to humanity. Above all you’ll feel a great sense of fulfilment and happiness. Perhaps your dream is to finish University and be the best in your field or to start up a business and grow it to a multinational company. The reality is that the bulk of us are not living this dream, we are not even close and worst of it all we stopped making efforts.

Thinking about it now we may want to ask, what happened? How did that dream die?

We grew older, the economy got worse, lesser money in circulation to go round, we stopped dreaming and we started accepting whatever the society has to offer us rather than demanding what we want. The society sold us the lie that we can’t have what we want instead we should settle for what we can get. I strongly disagree! I don’t believe in conformity. I believe we can be whatever we want to be.
What then do we do? Here’s my approach;

  1. Start dreaming again. You definitely can still be what you want to be. Where life exists, hope does too.
  2. Once you lay your hands on that thing which you’ve dreamt of being, write it down. A written down idea is an idea in traction. Writing is a form of action, thinking and pondering isn’t.
  3. To inspire you, find someone (or people) who is successful at that which you dream of being. How did he/she start?What does he/she do as a routine? What are his/her habits in relation to this? The way he/she walks, talks, what he/she reads, how he/she dresses etc. When you know this, it will be easier to get started. Modelling something already in existence, gives less for mistakes and also could make things get done at a faster pace. 
  4. Within your means, what are the first steps (or step) you could take towards actualizing your dream? The simplest, easiest step you could take. Write it down.
  5. What could be your limiting factor and what resources do you have towards this first step? What skills or resource would you need to acquire?
  6. After steps 1 – 5, start! And don’t stop. Take a leap of faith. Put one foot forward. Take one step after the other. 
  7. As you progress, keep learning more about that which you want to be. Read books about it.
  8. And finally watch yourself gradually becoming and doing that which you’ve always had a dream of. More opportunities will surface as you continue on your journey.

I wish you all the best on your journey towards awakening the dying dream.

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