As we approach the final days of 2016, I sat down to reflect on the year as a whole and it struck me that even beyond my faith, taking action has brought me as far as I’ve come. There were times I had faith but took no action and in such cases little or no result.

To build and restore confidence, keep taking actions. Inaction is not only the result, but its also the cause of fear. When you don’t act, you get more scared. Maybe this #action you take will be successful, maybe you’ll need to take another #action or a follow-up adjustment. But the truth is, any action is always better than no action at all. Remember what the devil does to the idle hand? He works on him, he uses him and he uses him to do all his practices. If you’re scared of anything you want to do, just take #action and get moving. It becomes less scary than it was before you started. Ask people who have gone skydiving 🙂

On a final note, don’t just eat your chicken, wine and dine with family and friends alone. Take time to reflect on the year 2016 as a whole. What did you do that worked? what could you have done differently? What will you do differently in 2017? And above all, be grateful to God always and celebrate even your little success.
Happy Holiday and have a great year in advance. #peace

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